Trade Professionals

Imagine, everyday discounts on exclusive products curated just for you!

It's simple! E-mail us today for a free account ​and receive discounts on every purchases with no minimum order (MOQ).

SAVE 20% or more, and receive exclusive offers by e-mail.
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+ Commissions & Incentives

Plus, get more out of supporting our local industry and building a relationship with the makers behind the work.
We welcome collaborations and custom requests from our partners. 

To get started, please include:

Email subject: Trade Program
Your First and Last Name
Business DBA and Address
Website address
Phone Number

​Once you submit the form, please allow up to 24hrs. M-F for us to respond. 

​​1) A trade professional is anyone working in the interior design industry or similar profession. (For retail - email us directly for wholesale purchases and MAP pricing policy*). The information we collect is used by us to verify that you are in fact a trade professional and will remain with your account until you close the account. You may contact us at any time if you wish to close your account and delete your information. You will need to update your account information as it changes to continue receiving promotions and order shipments. If we are unable to verify your information we will reach out to you.

​2) We reserve the right to delete or cancel any accounts or discounts associated with any account we believe has violated our terms. 2-2) Exclusive offers or discounts are not guaranteed, and can be changed, modified, or cancelled at anytime without notice.

3) Commissions and incentives for selling or using our works will be honored per contract. We may at anytime cancel the program and fulfill all remaining obligations up until that date. We will notify in advance, any changes to the program, should we determine it to be in our best interest.

*Please email us separately if you're interested in establishing a wholesale account.