Our Brand

Nuvo Porcelain LLC is an independent micro-brand that believes in putting creative integrity and originality foremost, offering you truly distinctive artworks. Our work combines contemporary innovation with timeless aesthetic, making porcelain artworks for residential and commercial spaces. Each detail is carefully considered and crafted by hand, reflecting a unique play with abstraction. We specialize in porcelain slip-casting our own designs using plaster molds. We are proud to maintain the quality of our process start to finish.

Nuvo Porcelain started as a collective idea in 2016 between Josh & Eve Woof and Seth Armour. Each offering a unique skill-set, we decided to combine our talents and launched Nuvo Porcelain LLC in 2018. We are equal partners, and proudly identify as a diverse group of owners.

All of our work is designed and handmade in Minnesota, USA.