About Us

who we are

Nuvo Porcelain is a designer and producer of high-end porcelain sculpture and domestic products for residential and commercial spaces. Our work combines contemporary innovation with timeless aesthetic that resonates with every lifestyle. Each detail is carefully considered and crafted by hand, reflecting a unique play with abstraction. We specialize in the process of porcelain slip-casting our products using plaster molds. Our porcelain's unique translucent quality is the result of using the purest kaolin clays mined in the USA and England. We tested and developed our proprietary porcelain casting slip to be both beautifully satin and durable. We work independently in our own facility and maintain ownership over our products, offering you the highest quality porcelain-ware. As a national brand from Minnesota, we ship throughout the United States.

creative integrity

At Nuvo Porcelain, we embrace an innovative spirit that fosters an appreciation for creative integrity and originality. Our distinctive porcelain sculptures are created with the highest level of craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted, as we practice complete control from the design to the finished product.


We strive to be efficient with ways to improve our manufacturing process and reduce or reuse material. Each plaster mold can cast several hundred objects before it is retired and reused to make new molds or forms. By nature, the process of casting allows for minimal waste and efficiency. The desired uniform thickness of each piece is easily attainable and reduces the amount of raw material needed when compared to other ceramic products.

As part of our ongoing contribution to limiting of the use of plastics, we do not use polystyrene/foam insulation in any of our shipments. At times, we may use biodegradable starch-based packing peanuts. The choice is simple when the cost is the same as traditional packing peanuts but static-free without the mess.